Cement Powder Damage

Cement Powder Damage

Patient arrived in office complaining that cement powder had gotten into the right eye.

Image 1 – Damage to right eye from cement powder.

Image 2 – The eye showed approximately 85% epithelial loss.

Image 3 – Less than 24 hours later, eye is quiet, healing well, membrane shifted, with a fold, but still under lens, and doesn’t move if we move the CL, in other words it’s stuck in place (good thing) and he has no scarring so far (great thing). We will see him in another 4 days. The amnion is doing its 5 jobs right from the start. His prognosis is excellent.

Images 4 and 5 – 4 Days later. Patients with cement chip in eye is 100% resolved. No scarring.

Image 6 – Follow up. Totally reepithelialized w/o scarring, 20/20.